Terra unum grants

"There should be no connection between a student's potential and their ability to pay for quality education which will cultivate that potential to its fullest. We are especially keen to see women leapfrog ahead and redefine the future of social entrepreneurship"

Winston Graf

terra unum grants

Terra Unum College believes in the democratisation of education.  To achieve this aim, we offer partial and full scholarships to those who are in need and wish to obtain their degree with our College.

If you would like to be considered for a Terra Unum grant, please first register as a student, then complete the application below.  Normally, we require approximately 10 days to review and respond to a request due to the enormous amount of interest in our College, so thank you for being patient.

We advise you that all fields must be completed in order to process your application.  Please respond fully and truthfully so that we can consider your request without delay.  Young women entrepreneurs in financial need, are highly encouraged to apply. Once accepted, you will be given access to the entire course catalogue.

Selection criteria is based on financial need, student’s prior academic performance and “Interest Statement” below.  Thank you for your interest in attending Terra Unum College in Interlaken, Switzerland.


Terra Unum Grants

Financial Aide application

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