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“I wanted an education where I could learn how to make a difference in this world and Terra Unum college was exactly the right place for that.”

Catherine T. - United Kingdom


Terra Unum College was born out of the idea that Governments and Corporations are failing to deliver the urgent changes which are needed to reverse the devastating effects brought about by Capitalism 1.0.  Therefore, we have designed an academic, entrepreneurship, incubation and funding platform which benefits each student and cultivates their vision.  If you are inspired to make a difference in this world, you will feel welcome at Terra Unum College. Enroll today – start today. 

Terra Unum College mentors and cultivates your potential through a state of the art interactive education which is outcome-focused while developing your problem solving and business skills so that you can effectively challenge current conventions.  We do not teach business, we rapidly transform students into social entrepreneurs with all the tools, skills, knowledge and even funding to begin their first successful social venture.  Our transformation model is unique because from the moment you enter Terra Unum College as a student,  you will begin preparation for your first investor pitch post-graduation.

The industrial revolution brought unprecedented levels of wealth and prosperity to many people of the world yet over a billion people continue to have no access to basic human needs such as water, health care and education. Focused social entrepreneurship is the answer and Terra Unum college will prepare you to confront these challenges as a successful social entrepreneur.

online is safe and good for the planet

Terra Unum College Switzerland provides a superior alternative to a large urban campus, where you can safely learn online and without expending carbon from commuting. The college is currently undergoing institutional accreditation which will be completed by end of 2020.   Our Associate of Science degree in social entrepreneurship will be recognised globally. 

During the realities of Covid, we almost shelter in place in order to protect ourselves, but that does not mean that we need to close ourselves off to self-improvement.  This is the perfect moment to up skill and expand your horizons and what more noble pursuit could you have then becoming a successful social entrepreneur who will directly confront many of the challenges which lead to crisis like climate change and loss of biodiversity. 

Education, INCUBATION and funding

What’s clear is it is not enough to simply learn about social entrepreneurship, you must also put your vision into practice, and in order to do that you must find funding. Visionary ideas for disruptive products and services deserve funding and mentorship to ensure they are successfully launched to market. What makes our college unique is that you just don’t learn social entrepreneurship but you put it into practice. At the end of every academic year we hold an event called the “Regents round table“ where students present their investor pitch deck for funding. This event is the springboard for new social entrepreneurs to launch their products and services to market. 

We have created an exciting circular innovation economy beginning with the raw materials – your ideas. Those ideas are than incubated into viable business frameworks articulated through your pitch deck. Finally, ventures are funded through HEIDI a sustainable cryptocurrency which funds social entrepreneurship ventures. These ventures receive mentorship, start up support and execution strategy from Winston Graf Switzerland which is solely focused on sustainable investments. Why not begin your free trial today and see for yourself how much potential you have as a social entrepreneur!

Sustainable Investments

At Terra Unum College Switzerland we seek to cultivate and propagate the enormous amount of potential inside each new student so that they emerge as a modern leader who possesses the strategies, tools and knowledge to drive enduring sustainable Social Impact.
Winston Graf
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