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“Whether you wish to pursue your degree or our Swiss Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship, Terra Unum College will prepare you to start, build and fund your successful social venture”

Nataliya Hertsovska, PhD. - Dean of Students

Offering academic programmes in Social Entrepreneurship

Many of our students have become disenchanted with how the world has become due to the effects of capitalism. Fossil fuels, wanton profits and the exploitation of labour have led to an unfairness that you have an opportunity to correct.  You can become an architect of change, you can give your life a noble purpose.  Imagine if all over the world people like you took the decision to become social entrepreneurs, instead of cogs in the dirty machine of predatory capitalism.  The world would be greener, sustainable and we would live healthier, longer lives.

The path to change lies in you.  We offer a superior academic programme in social entrepreneurship which will not only change how you see the world, but show you how to become a modern leader through guaranteed preparation to effect meaningful change.

By taking this step, you open up a world of possibilities.  Terra Unum College has designed not just academic programmes to prepare you for your new calling, but also a framework to help you incubate your idea into a sustainable product or service.  Each graduate of our degree programme is holding now only their Swiss diploma, but also a powerful tool to help them get their idea funded fast.  If you are serious about playing an important part in re-imagining capitalism through a sustainable and green venture, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

associate of science in social entrepreneurship

We have designed an Associate Degree in Social Entrepreneurship as a fast-track online Programme, which you can complete in 14-16 months. Upon completion of your Programme, you will not only emerge with a Swiss degree in social entrepreneurship, but also a professional pitch deck to communicate to investors.  You will be able to study anywhere and anytime, whether on your desktop, tablet or mobile – the content has been optimised for all devices.

The programme consists of 60 Credit Hours, delivered in 19 Courses including your final project.  We have chosen a solid foundation for your general education, including a two semester foreign language requirement.  Your major will consist of four building blocks to ensure guaranteed preparation to begin your social venture:  Characterising a Social Challenge, Designing your Solution, Delivering your Solution, and Funding your Venture.

Along the way, we will be there to advise and coach you so that you receive maximum benefit from the material.  When it comes time to produce your final project, you will have an experienced an successful pitch deck creator at your side to coach you with the messaging of our idea.  We want you to emerge a successful social entrepreneur, which means you have brought your idea to market.


Your TERRA UNUM COLLEGE Swiss degree will ensure that you are ready to start your social venture with the knowledge, skills, tools and funding you need to take your idea to market.

swiss certificate in social entrepreneurship

In less than six months, you can be the master of your own destiny with your Swiss Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship.  We have created a four intensive programme which is designed systematically demonstrate the steps required to build a successful social enterprise, market your new venture and get the funding you need to succeed.  These four courses are the Major Requirements for our Associate Degree.  Students completing the Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship, may later chose to pursue our full academic programme with all earned credits fully transferable to their degree programme.


In less than 6 months, you will acquire the fundimentals of running a successful social venture.
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