Associate Degree in Social Entrepreneurship

Reimagining Capitalism

Terra Unum College seeks to transform our students into social entrepreneurs who will design the future of sustainable capitalism.

We have designed an Associate Degree in Social Entrepreneurship as a fast-track online Programme, which you can complete in 14-16 months.

Upon completion of your Programme, you will not only emerge with a Swiss degree in social entrepreneurship, but also a professional pitch deck to communicate to investors.

The opportunities for Social Entrepreneurship are countless, however we suggest four high-impact focal points which we will discuss throughout the programme.

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social entrepreneurship


The loss of just one link can have unpredictable consequences on the planet

sustainable college


We must promote "Up-Cycling" where ever possible and change consumer behaviour


We must find ways of moving more people forward, while leaving behind fossil fuels



Plastics create demand for fossil fuels and threaten the survival of many species

Associate Diploma

The degree programme consists of:


3 credits per Course

On average, the student completes their coursework in 14-16 months.

General Education

42 Credits - 14 Courses

Science (12): Biology 101, Ecology 102, Earth Science 103, Chemistry 104

Math (6): Business Math 101, Analytics 102

English (3): English 101

History (3): Survey of World conflict 101

Geography (3): Human Geography 101

Social Science (3): Modern Social Challenges 101

Modern Leadership (6): Business Ethics 101, Business Ethics 102

German (6): German 101, German 102


12 Credits - 4 Courses

Social Impact Entrepreneurship 101 (3)

Designing And Marketing Your Solution 102 (3)

Business Model Design and Funding 103 (3)

Building a High Performance Social Enterprise 104 (3)

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Enrollment Requirements

All courses at Terra Unum College are taught in the English language, therefore a reasonable proficiency in English is necessary for you to receive maximum benefit from the courses.

You must be at least 18 years of age or provide proof of parental permission in order to enroll at the college. To ensure that each student is prepared to pursue the major courses which will follow, the first portion of your studies are referred to as “general education“. These courses create a foundation upon which you can build a successful academic career with the college and form part of your degree requirements.


A diploma from Terra Unum College in social entrepreneurship is unique in that it’s not a typical business degree. The programme consists of a total of 60 credit hours delivered through 18 courses, each carrying three credits – as well as a final project carrying 6 credits. The diploma is designed to best prepare you to enter a career in social entrepreneurship, namely design your own sustainable product or service and subsequently bring this to market.

Your diploma also carries an additional benefit in that it is part of a smart contract that is trackable on the block chain so that your future potential employers can easily verify your successful graduation from the college.

Your internationally accredited Swiss diploma* will serve you well as you pursue your future in social entrepreneurship.


*accreditation review in progress

About terra unum

Terra Unum College was born out of the idea that Governments and Corporations are failing to deliver the urgent changes which are needed to reverse the devastating effects brought about by Capitalism 1.0.

The industrial revolution brought unprecedented levels of wealth and prosperity to many people of the world yet over a billion people continue to have no access to basic human needs such as water, health care and education. Focused social entrepreneurship is the answer and Terra Unum college will prepare you to be a successful social entrepreneur.

Are you ready to be the architect of a sustainable future?

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