"We know that you have the potential to create a successful social venture"

Nataliya Hertsovska PhD
Dean of Students

Academic Faculty

TERRA UNUM COLLEGE welcomes students from all cultures and backgrounds and embraces the idea of diversity as a core value. Consistent with this value, our Academic faculty stems from an international academic community and is highly qualified to guide you on your social entrepreneurship journey. Allow us to introduce you to our social entrepreneurship faculty.

Dean of Academics

Professor Nataliya Hertsovska

Nataliya Hertsovska

Professor PhD
Dean of Students
  • PhD in Comparative Linguistics
  • Master's Degree in English Philology
  • Associate professor of the department of English Philology and Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching
  • Associate Professors

    Nataliya Liba

    Associate Professor PhD
    Maths and Economics
  • Doctor of Economics
  • Associate Professor of Accounting Taxation and Marketing
  • Academic Excellence

    Oksana Holovko-Kamoshenkova

    Associate Professor PhD
  • Doctor of Chemistry
  • Master's in Chemical Technology and Engineering
  • Senior Research Scientist
  • Social Entrepreneurship Faculty


    Associate Professor MS
    Industrial Innovation
  • Bachelor's in International Economics
  • Master's in Economy of Innovation
  • Over 500 professional investor pitch decks created raising millions in funding
  • Advisors


    Bc. Věra Kmoníčková

    Student Advisor
  • Finished at the top of her class in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of Organisms
  • Currently pursuing her Master's of Science in Wales, U.K.
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