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“Sustainability spoken here - research and solution development lies at the core of your Terra Unum education. Before you depart us, you will know exactly how to pitch your ideas and you will have the perfect toolkit to do so.”

Winston Graf - Governance Board

sustainability spoken here

Accelerating the Research Pipeline

At Terra Unum you begin a rapid journey towards contributing to the solutions this planet needs to survive. To survive we must successfully transition as a species toward sustainability and you will play an important role in that transition.

Your time with Terra Unum College is spent discovering your calling in social entrepreneurship or refining your existing vision.  The programme is designed to encourage further research and understanding of our “Four Cornerstones”.

But this is just the beginning of your story.  Every Terra Unum student has a unique and important role to play in the successful rollout of Capitalism 2.0 through sustainable social entrepreneurship!
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Solving the problems humanity faces will require focus and passion to confront conventional thinking and disrupt the status quo.

We encourage our students to confront challenges stemming from our four strategic sustainability cornerstones: Sustainable Consumption, Mobility Decarbonisation, Preserving Biodiversity and Consumer Deplastification.


Preserving Biodiversity
Humans are just one link of a rich species chain. The loss of any one link, can have unpredictable and horrific consequences for all life on the planet. Preserving biodiversity is paramount to our very survival.

Capitalism 1.0 has threatened numerous habitats and species which must end as part of the evolution to a more pro-social and environmental business paradigm. Students will learn from hands-on experiences within the planned Terra Unum biosphere how to better understand biodiversity and its importance.
An integral component of the demand for fossil fuels is plastic. Not only does this byproduct drive the demand for carbon fuels but plastic presents an existential threat to many aquatic species as tonnes of plastic are allowed to flow into our waterways and oceans. Currently, plastic occupies a patch, totaling 1.8 trillion pieces in the Pacific Ocean. Change will be achieved through reinventing new degradable and renewable packaging and promoting the elimination of consumer plastic.
Students confront the challenges of linear consumption by exploring different approaches with a goal to create disruptive products and services which both change the linear into circular and modify consumer behavior.
The challenge of moving more people efficiently and without carbon lies at the heart of our college. Students will research and develop new solutions and seek ways to accelerate the journey to fossil free transportation. Particularly of interest is battery science and renewable construction.

Sustainability and your theory of change

One of the most important concepts we will instill, will be the idea of a theory of change and how this theory will underpin your sustainability initiative. Sustainability is the universal language of social entrepreneurship and it is spoken fluently at Terra Unum College. As you progress through your coursework you will become more confident in your ability to articulate your theory of change in a way that others will become inspired and want to join your vision. 

Don’t worry if you don’t yet know where your career lies in social entrepreneurship, or which challenge you wish to confront.  This is part of the fun and throughout your learning with the college, we promise that one day a light bulb will go off and you will think to yourself “that’s it”!  You first must discover a problem before you can create an emotional connection to it.  But when this connection is made, that’s the moment you will realise what your life’s purpose is.

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